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Industrial Washing Machines Limited

Stand N1210

Pro2Pac – The Food and Drink Processing and Packaging Event

18-20 March 2019
ExCeL London

At this year’s Pro2Pac show, Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM) is launching a new and comprehensive range of boot washers. It’s also introducing its latest CW13 EX BT cabinet washer. Visitors to the IWM stand will also be able to inspect a selection of the company’s extensive range. Including other economical, high-performance washing and sanitising machines.


The new IWM shoe and boot washers, being launched at the show, are ideal for food manufacturing plants. They are designed specifically to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of areas where the production and clean zones of a food manufacturing facility meet. The new wash stations range from simple manual versions, to sophisticated walk-through models. All with multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options.


Industrial Washing Machine’s Boot Washers

The single station boot sole washers in the range are available in three sizes. They combine semi-automated processes of mechanical debris removal, and chemical disinfection of the footwear. Therefore, they significantly reduce the transfer of contaminants into and out of production areas. To operate the boot washers, users simply place the boot onto the machine and press the conveniently positioned start button, or automatically engage a sensor. This activates the rotation of the horizontal brush and spray jets. Gross debris is removed from the soles of the boot or shoe. The chemical treatment is applied simultaneously to speed the cleaning process.


IWM also offers passage-style shoe and boot washers in simple and double versions. They can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit the space available on the factory floor. When users enter the passage-style washers, a photocell activates the rotation of horizontal/vertical brushes and turns on the spray jets. Debris is removed from the soles of the footwear, while three separate brushes mechanically clean and wash the heels and upper sides.


Featuring solid construction and user-friendly operation, the new CW13 EX BT general-purpose cabinet washer, that IWM is introducing at Pro2Pac, is ideally suited for efficient batch washing of a wide range of items, including trays, machine components, change parts, weigh pans, buckets and utensils using only seven litres of water per cycle after initial fill. This new cabinet washer has been designed with the highest standards of hygiene in mind. It has an internal self-cleaning function and its interior is completely rounded, with no right angles.


The machine is supplied with standard reinforced pull-out washing trays measuring 1320 mm x 700 mm and can accommodate items up to 820 mm high. For convenient handling of heavier items, such as machine parts, smaller trays are optionally available.


At Pro2Pac, IWM’s experts will be available throughout the show to provide visitors with advice and guidance on the best washing and sanitising solutions for their own specific requirements.

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