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IWM Launches New Water Saving Machine at PPMA Exhibition

Summary. Revolutionise your cleaning and sanitization processes with Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a pioneering supplier of industrial washers. We proudly reintroduce the T200, an efficient and economical industrial tray washing machine, adeptly designed to optimize hygiene while conserving water and reducing costs. Discover enhanced, sustainable washing solutions by exploring our robust machinery range.

All businesses rely on water to meet the health and safety regulations for their employees. However, many companies and industries rely on water to operate, particularly involving cleaning and sanitization processes. Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we are proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial washers. Ranging from commercial utensil washers, through to pan washing machines and boot washers, our machinery revolutionises hygiene, disinfection, and sanitisation.

We are delighted to be re-launching our T200 which is one of the most affordable tray washing machines on the market. Despite being launched back in 1995, the machine has recently had a revamp. So, read our blog to find out more about this revolutionary industrial tray washing machine and its importance in the current economic situation.

The Importance of Sterilisation and Sanitisation

We have been world-wide suppliers of industrial washers for over sixty-five years. Therefore, it’s safe to say that we have a lot of knowledge when it comes to industrial cleaning and sanitisation. This knowledge of common industry pain points and requirements has led us to design and manufacture incredible machines. They optimise efficiency, productivity and of course hygiene levels for companies all over the world.

For many sectors, meeting specific cleanliness and hygiene standards is compulsory for the daily operation of their businesses. Laws and regulations dictate the levels that these businesses must achieve. So, if these standards aren’t met, the business itself is at risk of being closed down.

Some sectors that we support with our industrial cleaning machinery includes:

Saving Water: The Next Hurdle for Businesses

Over the past couple of years businesses have faced countless challenges. From the pandemic through to the most recent energy crisis. Saving water is becoming a priority for businesses all over the world. The government and other organisations are encouraging businesses to consider taking steps to reduce water consumption. Currently businesses consume around 30 percent of the UK’s water supplies. So, it is only a matter of time before businesses will have no choice but to address their own individual water consumption.

What can be done?

For those who require industrial washing machinery this is yet an even bigger challenge because the sanitisation of equipment used is compulsory for the day-to-day running of some companies. Here at IWM Ltd, we are conscious of the current economic situation alongside the fact that businesses are now under pressure to monitor their impact on the environment too. With this in mind, we are always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of the machines that we integrate into businesses. Additionally, we’re delighted to be re-introducing the T200 industrial tray washing machine at this year’s PPMA.

T200 Launch at PPMA 2022

We launched this basic tray washer designed for smaller use back in 1995. It was exceptionally well received by food manufacturers, the meat industry, and packing and distribution companies. Moreover, 100’s of these tray washers were sold all over the world. But, as demands grew for more advanced technology, the popularity of this machine decreased.

However, the IWM team has been working hard to revamp this machine to ensure it is more aligned with the current needs of businesses. Taking into account water shortages and the increasing costs for everyone, the new T200 is of the same fantastic IWM quality. It can wash up to 200 trays or containers per hour. At the same time, it’s been designed to save time, water, and money. Consequently, allowing businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and save money with this affordable “no fuss” tray washer.

A More Economical Tray Washer

Recirculating water in our washing systems offers our customers the chance to save money, labour cost. In addition, meet the high cleaning standards set out for them.

We now promote automatic drain sequences, even though our recirculated water tanks need draining. This method simply takes a smaller amount of water from tanks to drain, and reduces the top-up from water supplies. Consequently, it reduces both cleaning down time and water consumption.

Find Out More

Are you looking for suppliers of industrial washers? For more information on the T200 industrial tray washing machine, head to our website, or come and visit us (and the machine) at stand H82, NEC Birmingham at the NEC exhibition in September 2022.

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