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IWM In Partnership With Popular Pizza Company

Summary. IWM excels in providing industrial tray cleaning equipment, ensuring hygiene in various industries, notably in the food and drink sector. Successfully facilitating a prominent pizza chain’s shift to using fresh dough, our robust and efficient cleaning equipment in the food industry ensures swift, reliable washing and sterilization of trays, maintaining quality and safety.


At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd we are proud to support a wide range of industries with our washing and cleaning equipment. From the dairy sector through to the logistics industry, our industrial washing machines have played a pivotal role in ensuring hygiene and sanitisation levels in workplaces. Our industrial tray cleaning equipment in particular has supported a wealth of different businesses in the food and drink industry.

Industrial Washing Machines For Fast Food 

One sector which we often support with our machines is the fast food sector. We have recently been working with a large well-known pizza chain which now uses fresh dough for all of the pizzas it sells. There are thousands of pizza companies all over the world. So, it’s important to concentrate on quality if you wish to remain competitive. Using fresh dough for all the pizzas means that the pizza chain we worked with could guarantee quality and freshness every time. However, handling fresh dough can present more challenges than handling frozen dough. Industrial Washing Machines is proud to have played an important role in helping to facilitate the shift to fresher ingredients.

Tray Washing At A Large Scale

The pizza chain’s plant has been specially designed to prepare and supply pizza ingredients at the highest quality levels for UK customers. This plant makes all of the fresh pizza dough on trays. After that, these are dispatched to the chain’s franchises dotted all over the country. Once the dough has been used, the empty trays are returned to the main plant. These trays require washing and sterilising ready to be re-used immediately.

Needless to say, fresh dough is incredibly sticky. Therefore, a fast turnaround with the trays is compulsory in such a business. With this in mind, the requirements for the washing and sterilisation process were even more thorough than you would usually expect in the food sector. As a leading industrial tray cleaning equipment company, IWM was approached by the pizza chain. The company was looking for an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for washing and sterilising trays in a fast manner.

Our experience and knowledge on such systems meant that the company knew they could rely on us from the beginning. Speaking of the reasons they approached us, they said:

“In addition, IWM has wide expertise in the design of washing machines, and is always amenable to customising its products so that they meet the end user’s exact requirements. Importantly, this customisation is carried out at modest cost, and without significantly affecting deliveries.”

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Custom Tray Washers: Creating A Bespoke Solution

Using our expertise of common industry pain points and of course our experience with solving them, we created a bespoke, custom-designed two-lane tray washer. The tray washer also has an integrated dryer, and a capacity of 1,000 trays per hour. By enhancing the capacity, the machine is future-proofed should the pizza chain wish to scale in the future and as a result see an increase in demand.

So How Do The Tray Washers Work?

Our tray washer machines are built to ensure maximum washing efficiency. It is important that even the most heavily soiled trays can have their dough residue removed effectively. With this in mind, the machine uses sustained jetting with hot water and detergent throughout the wash cycle.

To keep the machine economically efficient, the wash water is recirculated from a heated tank. Effective filtration is provided to reduce the frequency of water changes needed. It is imperative that the trays are bone dry when they are delivered to the dough production line. So, when it comes to drying the trays, special provisions are also made for hot-air drying.

How Long Did It Take?

The machine was ordered at the end of November. Then we delivered it to the pizza plant in the first week of February. After the pre-delivery inspection, very few minor changes were needed. In addition, the company was delighted with the service and turnaround time.

The IWM tray washer has now been in daily use for almost six months, and it is fully meeting the company’s requirements in every respect. The washer:

  • Is economical in operation
  • Dependably delivers clean dry trays
  • Is easily able to meet and sustain the necessary high rate of throughput,
  • Is proving to be exceptionally reliable.

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