Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are a World Leading Supplier of Pharmaceutical Industry Washing Systems

The pharmaceutical industry is the mainstay of what keeps us healthy and feeling good and globally accounts for billions of pounds of trade. Supplying the pharmaceutical industry most often necessitates an extremely high quality of build and extensive documentation to ensure our customers standards and requirements are met in full. From the cleaning of chemical tanks and bulk specialised vessels / IBC washing systems to portable crates and trays; an array of washing options exist to make sure that your business gets the solution it needs machines are available with full process monitoring and demineralised water rinse suited for high risk areas.

The washing and drying solutions for the pharmaceutical industry addresses the critical need to provide comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of components used in manufacturing areas whether tube/clamp fittings from production equipment, valves and other, line components, containers, vessels, storage drums, tanks and distribution crates. IWM Machines ensure effectively and consistent cleaning and validation of pharma production components. IWM production techniques are optimised to reduce energy consumption and utilise chemicals to best effect in order to offer standard and bespoke solutions.

Our design and engineering teams create a range of versatile designs of machinery to suit individual pharmaceutical needs and safety bearing in mind life cycle costs of the equipment. IWM Machines in this sector are a result of a strategic formula that calls for the implementation of unique manufacturing methods, variable control procedures and safe and reliable testing in its demo environment. Cleaning, sterilising to pharmaceutical standards.

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