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Apprenticeships Trending With Skilled Labour At A Shortage

Summary. Skilled labour recruitment is evolving, with UK firms increasingly embracing apprenticeships. This strategy boosts workforce skills and innovation, while apprentices gain vital experience and qualifications. IWM Ltd collaborates with Birmingham College, offering structured progression and valuable certifications.


Apprenticeship programmes are on the rise again with this year’s figures already showing that numbers have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. Between August and October last year, the number of people starting apprenticeships was around 130,000. This is up by 43% compared to the same period in 2020. Employers are seeking to overcome the hurdle of skilled labour shortages. Therefore, it is hoped that recruitment will only continue to grow through apprenticeships.

Using workplace training as a recruiting tool, it is a great way to increase workforces. As well as, incentivise new recruits in a competitive labour market. At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, over the years we have also welcomed some new (and existing faces) into roles at the company through apprenticeship programmes.

Skilled Labour Recruitment Shortages 

It’s a known fact the UK is experiencing significantly large labour shortages at present. Brexit and the pandemic primarily to blame for this. However, companies like ours here at IWM, are now looking at other recruitment solutions.

Apprenticeship schemes have been around for a long time. But, with the government pledging to increase the signups to these schemes, it is hoped that they will attract attention from even more people over the next year.

Apprenticeship Benefits For IWM 

A study looking at the evaluation of apprentices for businesses revealed that almost 75% of employers felt that apprentices improved the products and service quality. Almost 80% of employees said that having apprentices working on the time improved overall business productivity too. By hiring apprentices, we are able to inject fresh talent into the workforce. In addition, opening the floor to new ideas and ways of working. Therefore, ensuring an accurate and consistent level of training takes place. Training “on the job” allows people to apply their skills to real-life scenarios whilst still learning. The result of this is that apprentices start gaining experience and confidence from day one. Consequently, this should contribute to their overall success and capabilities.

Why Join Us? 

From an apprentice perspective, being able to learn and earn money at the same time is an opportunity that in other scenarios can be hard to come by. Earning whilst you learn is a fantastic way to accommodate career progression. This can be whether you are early on in your career, or you are looking to change careers. Apprenticeships allow people to earn recognised industry qualifications and certifications. Many of which provide an invaluable foundation for specific industry fields. Thus, increasing overall credibility and employability for the future.

Here at IWM Ltd, as a family-run business, we recognise the value in building a close company culture that everyone can enjoy. Having joined forces with Birmingham College, we are delighted to provide structured roadmaps for progression. As well as, offering fantastic certification upon completion. We strive to ensure anyone who starts their journey with IWM is provided with all of the tools, training and opportunities to carve a fulfilling and rewarding career. Additionally, we’ll go above and beyond to meet these objectives.

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