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Looking For An Industrial Tray Washer? New Ranges Of Food Hygiene Equipment From IWM

Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) are exhibiting their industrial wash systems at the FoodEx show next year. The show will take place from the 12th – 14th April 2021 at the NEC in Birmingham. Visitors will be able to see IWM’s brand new T400 twin tank industrial tray washer, CW13 EX BT general-purpose cabinet utensil washer, and the new range of boot washers on stand H201.


CW13 Cabinet Washer

The CW13 EX BT cabinet washer is renowned for its solid construction and user-friendly operation. This new cabinet washer provides efficient batch washing for a wide range of items, including trays, machine components/change parts, weigh pans, buckets and utensils. Therefore, it is ideal for food preparation operations. The CW13 EX BT has an internal self-cleaning function and the interior of the machine is completely rounded with no right angles. The machine is supplied with standard reinforced pull-out washing trays measuring 1320 mm x 700 mm. As a result, they can accommodate items up to 820 mm high.


Industrial Tray Washer

IWM’s T400 twin tank industrial tray washer is also on the show. The tray washer machine offers an efficient two stage cleaning process. As a result, it is ideally suited for high-care environments. The first stage provides continuous jetting with hot water and detergent. The second stage is continuous jetting with hot water only. A cold rinse is also provided. A range of blow-off and heat drying options are available too.


Boot Washers

IWM will also be exhibiting new boot and shoe washing stations. These are designed for food manufacturing plants and areas where the production and clean zones of a food manufacturing facility meet. The machines come in many varieties. We have a wide range – from simple manual versions to sophisticated walk-through models. These have multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options.


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