IWM specialise in producing a wide range of industrial washing machines for the fresh food, fruit and vegetable production sector. Solutions include:

Fruit and vegetables from the farm to the fork can often pass through a range of distribution or production processes. From bulk containers at harvest, to multi head weigh scales used to pack packets of peas (for example) – there are many applications needing products from IWM.

Sterilisation/Hygienic procedures are needed to ensure sanitised clean environments ensuring equipment and produce meet today’s high clinical standards.

There are an array of fruits and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, mangoes, pineapples, kiwi fruits, potato sections, carrots sections, green beans, cauliflower, onion etc. The residue left behind in crates/pallets and general containers varies depending on the produce.

IWM machines can have varying functionality and designs to suit the different types of preparation from despatch to packaging operations that need cleaning to meet ever increasing food standards. Washing multi-use containers regularly also will reduce the risk of any cross-contaminations. Various designs in tanks, conveyors, blower or drying systems, spray pressure equipment, monitoring control panels etc., can be altered, added to or re-designed to suit the relevant application.

The recirculating wash and rinse systems use various filtration system that leaves no foreign substances or rubbish that was taken off the food. Even when used continuously there is no need to worry about foreign substances contaminating other food stuffs when the containers are re-used. Fresh water spray and/or sanitiser injection is often utilised in the final stage of IWM washing systems. IWM machines ensure economical factors and cost effective designs are all taken into consideration in this very competitive market.

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