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Speedy Tray Washing Machine For High-Volume Users

Responding to the requirements of food distributors that need to wash large volumes of the trays used to transport goods to retail outlets, Industrial Washing Machines (IWM), working in close co-operation with mechanical handling specialist Autarky Automation Limited, has developed a new, innovative and highly customisable range of tray washing machine solutions that can be supplied with automated tray handling equipment for the infeed and exit of the IWM Tray Washer.

Wash & Dry Up to 4000 Trays per Hour

At the heart of these solutions is IWM’s T4000 tray washer. The tray washing machine is capable of washing and drying up to 4,000 trays per hour. When developing the machines, we were bearing in mind economy, efficiency and reliability. You can also customise the high-performance machines to suit your exact requirements. However, they typically offer a three-stage wash cycle plus air-blast drying.


Our Tray Washers Minimise Energy & Water Usage

In a three-stage T4000 machine, the trays receive a pre-wash to remove the majority of the soiling, followed by the main wash with detergent and hot water. The final wash stage is jetting with hot water to remove detergent residues. The machine can heat the water to 85 ºC to ensure sanitisation at this stage. At every stage, the water re-circulates, after filtering. This minimises energy and water usage without in any way compromising washing performance.

After the intensive three-stage washing process, the trays receive a fresh-water rinse and, according to user requirements, they can be dried rapidly and completely with an air-blast drying section.


Systems Designed to Suit Your Needs

Because manual handling of large volumes of trays is inconvenient and time consuming, IWM and Autarky offer customisation options that include infeed and outfeed conveyors, automatic tray de-nesters, and tray stackers. These elements can be arranged in almost any layout to make best use of the space available on site.


High Volume Tray Washer

So if your factory requires a solution for washing and sanitising high volumes of food-soiled trays, please get in touch with the expert team at IWM and discuss your specific requirements and productivity goals – and you won’t be disappointed!


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