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IWM To Showcase Innovative Utensil Washer

IWM (Industrial Washing Machines) is displaying its new innovative CW13 EX BT cabinet washer at this year’s Farm Shop and Deli Show at the NEC, 20-22 April on stand T71.

CW13 Utensil Washer on show at Farm Shop Deli Show
CW13 Utensil Washer on show at Farm Shop Deli Show

Thanks to its solid construction and user friendly operation, the new CW13 EX BT general-purpose cabinet washer is ideally suited for efficient batch washing of a wide range of items. This is including trays, machine components/change parts, weigh pans, buckets and utensils.

Utensils Washing Machine With Small Footprint

With its relatively small footprint, the cabinet/ utensils washing machine can sit in any deli or café kitchen. It has been designed with hygiene in mind, with an internal self-cleaning function. Additionally, the interior of the machine being completely rounded with no right angles.

The machine is supplied with standard re-enforced pull-out washing trays measuring 1320mm x 700mm, and can accommodate items up to 820 mm high. For convenient handling of heavier items, such as machine parts, smaller trays are optionally available.

Washing is accomplished by sustained jetting from rotating spray arms to ensure that all surfaces of the items to be washed are cleansed effectively. Supplied from an electrically heated tank, the wash water is automatically dosed with detergent.

In order to minimise water, detergent and energy usage, the wash water is re-circulated. This is via an efficient suction filter system that protects the wash pump and prevents residues from being deposited in the wash system.

The CW13 utensil washing machine also has a guaranteed high temperature rinse cycle, powered via separate pump and water feed. Each rinse cycle can be pre-programmed for time and temperature as part of the total washing cycle. The rinse cycle uses a maximum of 8 litres per cycle.

In addition, the sustained 360° jetting with hot water and the detergent re-circulated from a heated tank make this machine a cost effective and energy saving solution.

Throughout the three exhibition days, expert engineers from the IWM installations team will be on hand. Additionally, they will be pleased to discuss the benefits of the company’s products. But, also to provide advice and guidance to exhibition visitors on the best and most economical ways of addressing their own specific requirements.

Industrial Washing Machines Limited
Farm Shop and Deli Sow
Stand T71
NEC Birmingham

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