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The CW13 EX BT Utensil Washer: Streamlining Kitchen Operations

In the bustling environment of farm shops and delis, efficiency and hygiene are paramount.
Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) introduces the CW13 EX BT, a cutting-edge utensil washer. It is designed to streamline kitchen operations while adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness. This cabinet washer is a versatile solution, perfectly suited to handle a wide array of kitchen items. Items such as utensils, trays, and other equipment are meticulously cleaned and sanitised.

Why Invest in an Industrial Utensil Washer?

Enhanced Hygiene

The CW13 EX BT is engineered with hygiene as a core principle. Additionally, the fully rounded interior eliminates right angles where dirt and bacteria might accumulate, ensuring a more effective clean and maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment crucial for food safety.

Efficiency and Productivity

This utensil washer features a compact design, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any deli or café kitchen without consuming much space. Furthermore, it is ideal for locations that need to quickly clean a variety of items without sacrificing floor space.


With rising utility costs, the CW13 EX BT helps minimise water, detergent, and energy usage through its innovative recirculated washing system. This system not only reduces ongoing operational costs but also lessens the environmental impact of your daily operations.

Key Features of the CW13 EX BT Utensil Washer

Robust Construction

Built to last, the CW13 EX BT cabinet washer combines solid construction with user-friendly operation, making it a reliable addition to any commercial kitchen. Its durability ensures long-term savings on maintenance and replacement costs.

Versatile Washing Capabilities

Equipped with standard reinforced pull-out washing trays that measure 1320mm by 700mm and can accommodate items up to 820mm high, this cabinet washer can handle everything from small utensils to larger kitchen equipment. Optional smaller trays are available for heavier items, offering flexibility based on your specific needs.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

The CW13 EX BT uses rotating spray arms that provide sustained jetting, ensuring thorough coverage and effective cleaning of all surfaces. The high-temperature rinse cycle allows pre-programming for both time and temperature, ensuring that all items are not only clean but also meet health and safety standards.

Energy and Water Efficiency

This cabinet washer is designed to be eco-friendly, featuring a system that recirculates wash water dosed with detergent through an efficient suction filter. This setup ensures optimal use of resources, reducing the cost of utilities and impact on the environment.

Addressing Common Pain Points

Space Constraints

Many small to medium-sized delis and cafes struggle with limited space. Consequently, the CW13 EX BT’s compact design addresses this issue, providing powerful cleaning capabilities without requiring a large footprint.

Hygiene Concerns

In food service, maintaining high hygiene levels is non-negotiable. Moreover, the CW13’s design and cleaning efficiency ensure that all kitchen items are sanitised to the highest standards, helping prevent foodborne illnesses and cross-contamination.

Operational Costs

Operational efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s also about cost. The CW13 EX BT cabinet washer helps reduce expenses associated with water, energy, and detergent usage, making it an economically sound choice for budget-conscious businesses.

FAQs About the CW13 EX BT Utensil Washer

Q: How does the CW13 EX BT ensure thorough cleaning of utensils?

A: The CW13 utilizes rotating spray arms for sustained jetting, covering all surfaces effectively, complemented by a high-temperature rinse cycle that ensures sanitisation.

Q: What types of items can the CW13 EX BT clean?

A: It can clean a variety of kitchen items, including trays, machine components, weigh pans, buckets, and all common kitchen utensils.

Q: Is the CW13 EX BT suitable for small kitchens?

A: Absolutely, its compact design makes it ideal for environments where space is at a premium.

Q: Can the wash settings be adjusted according to different needs?

A: Yes, the cabinet washer features programmable rinse cycles that allow customisation of time and temperature to suit different washing needs.


The CW13 EX BT from Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is more than just a utensil washer; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance operational efficiency, ensure rigorous hygiene standards, and reduce costs in commercial kitchens. Investing in this state-of-the-art equipment means investing in the quality and safety of your food service operation.

Discover more about how the CW13 EX BT can revolutionise your kitchen. Equip your business with IWM’s advanced washing technology and take a step towards a more efficient and hygienic future.

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