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How to Clean Machinery for the Food Industry to COVID standards

As a food manufacturer, nothing is more important than ensuring the food that you are producing is safe for people to consume. Sanitation in food production has always been essential, however, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has meant that sanitation is not just important for the consumers of the food: employees must also be protected. The coronavirus crisis has changed processes all over the world, and food processing plants have not been averse to this. In fact, food manufacturers have been one of the most vital enterprises to stay running throughout the pandemic. Food machinery cleaning is important now more than ever and achieving the highest standards of sanitation is vital.

COVID-19 In The Food Manufacturing Sector

Unlike most microorganisms which pose a threat to food facilities, the coronavirus which is currently sweeping the world doesn’t actually pose a direct threat to consumers when it comes to food manufacturing. It is believed that the virus cannot be transmitted through food or packaging, in fact, the biggest danger of coronavirus throughout the food manufacturing process is actually to the workers, who often need to work in close proximity to each other.

The most common mode of COVID-19 transmission is through direct contact, however indirect transmission can be a problem too. Although precautions will have been taken to decrease the need for direct contact in the workplace, indirect transmission has been an entire new prospect to address – and one that many manufacturing facilities may not have been prepared for.

The virus can live for up to three days on stainless steel – which is the most common working surface material used in food plants. With this in mind, it is vital that plants invest in the right cleaning and sanitation equipment to eliminate the risk of contamination before it can pass between employees.

At IWM, not only do we specialise in industrial washing systems but we also supply hand sanitising equipment/disinfection to businesses far and wide.

Sanitising Equipment For Food Production Plants

Managing COVID-19 in the food processing industry has become a top priority for both businesses and consumers alike. Whether you are looking to improve your existing sanitation processes, or would like to invest in new equipment for food machinery cleaning during these unprecedented times, here at IWM Ltd, we can help. As one of the country’s leading suppliers of industrial washing equipment, we are proud to have supported businesses throughout the pandemic with our comprehensive range of food machinery cleaning equipment. With our high quality industrial component washers and more, you can ensure your food processing equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised and free from any particles which can be transmitted from person-to-person.

Food Machinery Cleaning 

No matter what type of food manufacturing plant you are running, almost all of your processes will require the use of a container, bin, pallet, rack, and other various utensils to support the production, preparation and distribution of the food you produce. Here at IWM, we have a wide range of bespoke and standard machines specifically designed with high performance and thorough cleaning in mind. From single line washing machines, through to multi-lane continuous systems, our machines can be designed around your plant’s capacity whilst of course making sure your equipment meets the highest health and safety standards.

Some of our food machinery cleaning equipment includes: 

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