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Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a distinguished UK supplier, ensures optimal longevity and efficiency in stainless steel industrial washers by emphasising general maintenance. We offer robust refurbishment services and facilitate streamlined servicing via an innovative online customer portal.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd have been one of the leading UK suppliers of industrial washing machines for over four decades. As a result, we’ve earned ourselves an unbeatable reputation for quality machinery. Over the years we have invested heavily in technology, testing, and training. This ensures that our team and our machinery are able to deliver the very best in the industry.

We take pride in being able to offer the highest levels of expertise to our customers and support them in finding the right machinery to meet their hygiene and sanitation needs. When it comes to the industrial washing machines themselves, they too, meet the highest standards.

In fact, we have so much trust in the solutions we manufacture that we can promise our customers long-term dependability every time. Longevity is an important factor we have always taken into account with every industrial washing machine we manufacture here in the UK. There are a couple of different steps and services that can be done to help achieve long and safe lifespans for our washing machines.

General Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Industrial Washers

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to optimise the lifespan of your industrial stainless steel washer is to ensure you are looking after it properly and following the correct general maintenance steps. Some examples of these include:

  • Daily cleaning of washers
  • Keeping on top of water quality
  • Finding the right balance between temperature, wash times, cleaning agents, and the type of cleaning action
  • Making sure you use the correct type and amount of cleaning products (e.g chlorine, salt, and soap)

Regularly considering the above steps ensures you use your machine correctly. As a result, it ensures you get the optimum lifespan from your industrial washing machine.

Machine Refurbishment

One service we are particularly proud to offer here at IWM Ltd is our industrial washing machine refurbishment. We make our stainless steel industrial washers from hard-wearing stainless steel. Because stainless steel is a strong and long-lasting material, if you look after your machine, it is likely to stand the test of time. In fact, some of our industrial washing machines have been on their premises for 25-40 years and are still working as good as they were when we delivered them. Inevitably later down the line industrial washers may need fixing or replacing but we’re on hand for that too.

Our refurbishment service involves buying the machines back from the company they have been serving, and performing a complete refurbishment on them. We will refit them with new control panels, replace faulty components, and do whatever is needed to bring them back up to electrical standards, and then re-certify them We can then sell these machines to other companies as stainless steel industrial washers. It’s a great way of keeping our machines going as long as possible, increasing machine utilisation, and reducing scrap. Our customers can also make significant savings when buying a refurb industrial washing machine, instead of a brand new one which is a great opportunity for businesses with smaller budgets.

Staying On Top of Servicing

In the process of being created, our online customer portal will enable businesses to stay on top of their machine’s servicing with automatic reminders and scheduling. The portal will allow customers to easily order spare parts and gain access to initial drawings and files too. This means should anything need fixing or addressing, all the information you need is available at the click of a button.

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