Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturer Overcoming Pandemic Challenges - how pandemic affect the business

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket | Overcoming Challenges During The Pandemic

Summary. We are an adept industrial washing machine manufacturer, navigated pandemic-induced supply chain issues. Innovatively sourced alternatives and increased in-house production, maintaining our commitment to delivering robust hygiene solutions amid global disruptions and escalating demands.


We have decades of experience as a leading industrial washing machine manufacturer. Therefore, it’s safe to say we’ve overcome plenty of challenges over the years. Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly one of the biggest hurdles. As suppliers of industrial washing machines, our machinery was relied on arguably more than ever before. So, like many businesses during the unprecedented times our resilience and operations as a whole were certainly put to the test. But how did the pandemic affect the business?


Adapting To The Pandemic 

The IWM Ltd company has grown significantly over the last decade and as a result so has our capabilities. With expanding teams, products, and customers, our processes have also become more streamlined too. With this in mind, we were able to hit the ground running for the most part. However, despite our teams adapting fantastically, we did face challenges when it came to the supply chain.

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How Did The Pandemic Affect Businesses? 

At IWM Ltd we take pride in manufacturing high quality machinery that can be relied on for decades. Our machines often form integral parts of production lines. So, we understand the importance of creating fully fit-for-purpose machines that fit into business operations seamlessly. With this in mind, we outsource some of the machine components from specific manufacturers who specialise in these various parts.

By outsourcing certain components, we know that the highest levels of expertise are going into every aspect of the manufacturing process. However, during the pandemic, naturally supply chain issues quickly began to occur.


Why Were There Supply Chain Issues During COVID-19?

With capacity reductions, COVID outbreaks on site, and even the temporary closure of factories, a knock-on effect took place as the pandemic began impacting businesses worldwide.

Some of the parts we often outsourced included:

  • Gear boxes
  • Gas burners
  • Small electrical components

As the various factories started being disrupted, the overall production line for manufacturing our industrial washers was also put in jeopardy. With delays quickly beginning to occur, we were soon put into a situation where our customers were facing delays.

At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we commit ourselves to delivering excellent customer service. Informing our customers of delays was not something we were used to doing. In addition, given the growing demand for enhanced hygiene and sanitisation, we knew we needed to find a solution to supply chain issues fast.

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Our Learnings 

During the time of delays, our team worked hard to source alternative supplies, alongside bringing as much component manufacturing as we could, in-house. By having a list of alternative suppliers now, we can ensure we aren’t “putting all of our eggs in one basket” and relying on just one supplier. By engineering and producing specific components internally, we’re reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions and strengthening our own knowledge and capabilities as a business.

Despite production slowing down during the pandemic, we can see that things really are ramping back up again. We delight in being back on track and doing what we do best. The pandemic has certainly strengthened our resilience as a whole. However, it’s also prompted us to improve our production lines. As well as, create safeguarding measures against any supply chain disruptions in the future.

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