• Stainless steel Construction 1.4301
  • Light control for proper disinfection (red/green)
  • Automatic soap and disinfectant dispenser
  • After operation, rotary gate turns one third of a rotation allowing passage
  • The access stand range can also be installed on passage systems, co-operates with shoe washers and shoe disinfection stands
  • The turnstiles co-operates with access cards
  • Supply : 230 V
  • Controlling voltage: 24 V. IP 65
  • Available in floor or wall mounted option

ModelDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
551401Access Control stand 550280445/850 27.0
551402Access Stand with soap dispenser730280590/850 30.0
551403Access Stand with disinfectant dispenser730280590/850 31.0
551404Access Stand with soap and disinfectant dispenser1290280590/850 50.5
551408Access Control stand 950320/870 1170
551409Access Stand with soap dispenser 950320/870 1210
551410Access Stand with disinfectant dispenser 1560320/870 1210

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