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IWM Shortlisted As A Finalist For The Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a leading UK industrial washing machine manufacturer, has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Manufacturing Award at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Annual Awards 2022. Their vision focuses on maintaining high standards in manufacturing, ethical practices, and global service provision. Over the years, IWM has adapted to market challenges, including COVID-19, by restructuring and innovating, resulting in a significant global market presence and the largest order book since 2003.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd are leading UK manufacturers and have been successfully supplying high-quality standard and bespoke washing and sanitising systems to all industries for over 40 years.

IWM are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Annual Awards 2022. We are in the running to win the Excellence in Manufacturing Award, in which the is sponsor is Schumacher Packaging.

Greater Birmingham Chambers Of Commerce Annual Awards

The awards ceremony will honour businesses from throughout Greater Birmingham for their outstanding achievements during the most challenging of times.

Almost 80 different companies and organisations are on the shortlist for the annual business awards ceremony, which will be in person this year.

Our Vision For The Future

As part of our application process, we outlined the vision for our company.

  • We wish to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial washing machines. In addition, we must maintain a high level of quality, legitimacy, accountability, and morality throughout our organisation. Our products, stakeholders, and actions all fall within this category.
  • To ensure that our staff are motivated, compensated, and satisfied in order to meet our clients’ expectations. Furthermore, fostering ethical, environmental, sustainable, and principled activities in organisational policies and procedures.
  • To provide industrial cleaning equipment, as well as related products and services, on a global scale at a reasonable price. Creating conventional machinery while retaining the flexibility to create bespoke machinery as needed. As a result, assisting the market in meeting its needs without incurring excessive expenses or causing unneeded supply concerns.
  • We want to provide a stable and long-term financial foundation for employment and trade. To improve both design and production procedures on a continuous basis.
  • To establish high ethical corporate standards and to be a leader in our area in terms of both production and moral compass.

IWM Over The Years

IWM has developed and increased its business year on year since 2003. But we have restructured our facilities and workforce to a dramatic effect and increased its global market. Therefore, 50% of our business is now export and covers all continents.

IWM Over The Last 12 Months

As with all companies COVID took hold. Whilst this was a very difficult situation, we had to restructure and had to let some employees go. However, it provided us with an opportunity to consider how our infrastructure might work better, more efficiently and how we can move forward over the next 10 years.

IWM Moving Forward 

We set up projects to attract new customers and work more efficiently with existing ones.  Such as digitalisation efforts in marketing. Additionally, we improved our internal IT infrastructure. This included automated processes, such as setting up an employee welfare program. Along with many other projects this meant a significant shift in mindset and the inevitable difficulties that change brings.

A Strong Foundation

Furthermore, we managed to weather the storm financially as IWM has a strong financial foundation. IWM re-invested where needed, protecting the current workforce, made health and safety a priority, along with staff welfare and improved production techniques.

The planning and projects set in place during this period have enabled IWM to be in a position to start a recruiting plan. Additionally, IWM now have the largest order book since 2003.

When Will They Announce The Winners? 

The full list of shortlisted finalists are released on their website and social media. The winners of each category will be announced at their Annual Dinner & Awards, which will take place at the ICC on Friday, March 4th at 6pm. Keep an eye out for the winners.

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