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IWM Promotes Health & Wellbeing For Employees

At IWM, we supply many types of industrial washing machines far and wide, from crate washing machines to hygiene solutions. But did you also know we’re a family run business? We try our very best to keep our family values and the forefront of our minds, which includes looking after the welfare of our employees. We pride ourselves on making IWM what we hope is a great place to work. As part of that, we always try to find a way to support our employees in their health and wellbeing.

Through the pandemic, everyone was effected one way or another. However, one lesson which it taught us was how important our mental health is. Therefore, earlier this year, we invested in an employee mental wellbeing program. Additionally, as a further measure to promote the health and wellbeing of all at IWM, today fresh fruit was made available for IWM Employees. Fruit was consumed on premises and happily eaten within a couple of hours.

Help Your Employees Eat Their 5 A Day

Statistics show that when fresh fruit is available, 70% of employees started eating more fruit and 45% of employees were eating fewer unhealthy snacks.  Hopefully IWM can follow the trend.

Fruit included 48 portions of 5-7 fruit varieties with a seasonal mix.

In today’s environment other considerations are taken into account. For instance, each piece of fruit comes in its own individual compartment within our crate. Therefore, providing fruit separation (except Bananas which have a removable skin). This minimises any perceived risk of cross-touching contamination, including grapes, bananas and apples (red and green).


IWM | Industrial Washing Machine Supplier

IWM are proud to continue this practice and others in conjunction to help our happy healthy workforce. We supply a wide range of crate and other industrial washing machines to many industries. Therefore, we have this opportunity to influence other companies to do the same and support their work force.

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