IWM sells medical bin washing system to Dubai Municipality

IWM sells medical bin washing system to Dubai Municipality

A brand new medical bin washing system, supplied by Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) has been delivered and installed at the Dubai Municipality Medical Waste facility in Jebel Ali. The state of the art equipment is designed to wash and sanitize 660-litre wheeled medical waste bins, maintaining the highest environmental and public health standards.

IWM sells medical bin washing system to Dubai Municipality

The new washing system was inaugurated by Engineer Salah Adbdul Rahman Amiri, who is the Assistant Director General for the services sector of the Dubai Municipality. Engineer Naji Al Radhi, the Head of Waste Management of the Hazardous Waste Division and Ramakant Dixit from MES LLC (Marathon Environmental Solutions LLC), who supplied the equipment, were also present at the event.

“The washing station uses the latest software technology and has been specifically developed to deal with medical waste in the safest way possible, observing national regulations,” explained Carl Hollier, Managing Director of IWM. “The adoption of the new system demonstrates Dubai Municipality’s determination to ensure medical waste is disposed of in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner.”

Ramakant Dixit said, “IWM machines are the best choice for use in UAE, where the harsh climate and salt-laden air lead to rapid corrosion for many types of equipment. As the IWM machines are fabricated from high-grade stainless steel, however, they are not affected by this problem and they have long reliable working lives.”

The newly installed medical bin washing system will save time and resources, with only 850 litres of water required to wash 100 large medical waste bins. The Dubai Municipality Medical Waste facility will be able to save significant amounts of water and detergent thanks to the new system’s wash-water recirculation system, which incorporates a high-efficiency box filter that lifts out of the machine for easy cleaning.

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, the ECW cabinet-type bin washer from IWM is robust and ensures thorough washing. A rotary jet nozzle system cleans bins internally, whilst external surfaces are washed using a powerful sustained jetting with bayonet type jets.

The machine is easy to use and requires little operator input because of its semi-automatic design. The operator simply wheels the bins into the loading position, closes the safety gate and presses the load button. The washing and rinsing operations are automatic and, when they are complete, the operator only has to press the unload button to discharge the bins from the machine.

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