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You Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) is a leading supplier of industrial washing equipment. This equipment includes bespoke washing and sanitising systems such as sanitising tunnels. We have over thirty years of experience providing industries with reliable hygiene solutions that are both efficient and economical. As a result, we know the industries we serve incredibly well – this includes the catering and medical industries. With these industries in particular, the factor of hygiene and therefore sanitisation is vitally important.


Sanitising tunnel washers

Our range of sanitising tunnels, often known as sanitising tunnel washers, have been specially designed to provide reliable and effective sanitisation. Sold at extremely competitive prices, they are perfect for companies and businesses that have a large volume of equipment to disinfect. We manufacture all sanitising tunnel washers with the idea of being simple and economical to use. At the same time, we ensure they require minimal maintenance.


How does a sanitising tunnel work?

The sanitising tunnel conveys the component directly into the passage. Inside, a sanitising solution with mains water mists onto the components. Users can change the speed of transit through the tunnel so that items that are larger or smaller will stay in the tunnel for the appropriate amount of time. Once sanitised, the machine will discharge the components onto an outfeed table.


Industrial sanitising systems at IWM

Here at IWM, we have a range of sanitising tunnels to choose from including the SAN100, SAN100E, and the SAN200.

  • SAN100 Sanitiser – This machine is a free standing unit that can accommodate items up to a maximum size of 650mm wide x 500mm high. The water recirculates from an ambient tank which a 1Hp pump powers.


  • SAN100E Sanitiser – This sanitising tunnel washer sanitised components in buckets, bags, tins, and trays. It accommodates a maximum size of 450mm wide x 450mm high. You can operate the transit speeds at between one and four metres per minute.


  • SAN200 Sanitiser – This machine can sanitise all items up to a maximum size of 650mm wide x 500mm high. We have designed it specifically for higher throughput sanitisation so that it incorporates high flooding jet operation.

All of our sanitiser tunnels comply with relevant UK and EU standards. Additionally, they are all CE assessed and certified prior to shipment. The machines are supplied with detailed instructions and maintenance manuals.

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