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Summary. IWM Ltd, a renowned washing machines supplier, highlights the value-for-money aspect of industrial washing machine prices. Their bespoke designs integrate seamlessly into businesses, reduce labour costs, ensure hygiene standards, and offer long-lasting performance across various industries. Explore their offerings for efficient business solutions.


IWM Ltd has been a leading industrial washing machine supplier for over 40 years. We supply washing machines to businesses all over the world. We have established an unbeatable reputation for quality, performance and innovation. Although an industrial washing machine price is not necessarily a small business expense, they are a cost-effective investment when you consider the advantages of one over its working life.

As experts in such machines, we have witnessed the many benefits that our range of products can provide to various industries. From food manufacturing through to logistics, in an age where efficiency and productivity are pivotal, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. can help our customers to truly revolutionise workplace processes.

Industrial Washing Machines: Seamless Workplace Integration

IWM pride ourselves on being able to take a tailored approach as a bespoke industrial washing machine manufacturer. Also, we listen carefully to our customers, taking into account their business pain points alongside their goals and requirements. The team at IWM designs and manufactures industrial washing machines in-house. As a result we can design bespoke machines tailored to meet the exact requirements of our customers. IWM equips themselves well with our tried and tested extensive range of standard equipment, supplementary hygiene equipment, and accessories to assist!

One incredibly important stage of the process is the after-sales process. We can provide installation, full commissioning service to our equipment in the UK and provide comprehensive user training. IWM also has a global network of partners to look after our export machinery. They in turn have the full support of IWM technicians back in our UK HQ. Also, by heavily involving ourselves in the aftercare service, we ensure that our machines integrate seamlessly into the required operating premises.

Justifying An Industrial Washing Machine Price

Needless to say, an industrial washing machine price can be costly for any business. With prices starting towards £10,000 for a small enterprise, up to £500,000 for a high throughput washing and drying system designed for a major global producer.

Whether IWM are supplying a small family bakery or an international Logistics provider or supermarket – each machine is given the same attention to detail. This is to suit the application for which it is purchased.

We pride ourselves on the quality of manufacturing that goes into our machines. As a result of this quality, we can guarantee that customers and businesses will reap the benefits of an industrial washing machine over its extensive working life.

Cutting costs

Labour costs are of course a huge part of a business’s expenses. We often see far too many processes not taking advantage of automation as much as they could do. Whether you’re looking to reduce labour costs or just shift the costs onto a process that is more valuable to the business, machines such as tray washers, bin washers, and cabinet washers can replace manual labour. As well as that they improve the consistency and quality of the cleaning and sanitisation.

We design the vast majority of IWM’s equipment to minimise the use of water, energy and down-time. Most water tanks are recirculated through dedicated filtration systems. They have fresh rinse water often being re-used. This is to top up recirculated tanks. By promoting regular service and efficiency checks, IWM are ensuring that we maximise the life of our equipment we supply. Also, we would maintain it to operate at peak efficiency throughout this time.

Meeting hygiene standards effortlessly

Businesses find themselves having to meet more stringent health, safety and hygiene requirements yearly. As a result of the increasing demands, we would have to invest more time and money. Therefore ensuring we adhere to specifications and requirements. Automated parts washers are perfect for achieving these hygiene requirements. They can do so in a much shorter time period compared to manual cleaning and sanitisation. Knowing the machines will keep you compliant to health and hygiene standards. Meaning you can concentrate on other important aspects of the business – worry free.

In recent years, IWM have developed a range of machinery with certain features and processes. These deal with the increasing problems with controlling allergens. Cross-contamination and control of prospective harmful allergens is now a major part of IWM’s design and machine offering for such applications in the food processing industry.

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