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Yes National Handshake Day – Let’s Get Back To Business!!

Observed on the last Thursday of June each year is National Handshake Day. It is a holiday that takes a closer look at the act of shaking another person’s hand. It was a holiday that was first established back in 2005 and has been celebrated ever since. However, handshakes have become a thing of the past since Covid-19 and we want it back. Therefore, hand sanitising and hand cleaning equipment has become vitally essential to get back to normal.

Not Long Now We Can Shake Hands- But How Will We Protect Our Workplace?

Hand cleaning equipment makes it easy for the workforce to sanitise themselves whilst working. For instance, hand sanitising stations and portable hand washing stations. Furthermore, there are machines which can include sanitiser sprays, foggers and chemicals etc. These can keep machinery and hands free from harmful germs.

Prior to Covid these products were particularly popular in the food industry. Or in addition, industries where hygiene is of the utmost importance. After COVID this has only highlighted a further need for good Hygiene Practices.

Using chemicals to disinfect a surface is one of the main methods of sanitisation. Therefore, chemical sanitisers can be dispensed using a variety of different sanitising equipment. For instance, fogging machines and disinfectant sprayers.

Covid-19 And The Urgent Need For Hand Cleaning Equipment

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that has been well documented in the last year or so. Therefore, experts believe the virus is highly transmissible through air. However, frequently touched surfaces can be carriers too. This is why maintaining hand hygiene is extremely important, as it can contain the spread of the deadly virus.

Hands can be washed whilst entering a premises outside or inside. Additionally, hand sanitisers are provided to suit different spaces and amounts of users. Hand sanitisers are usually a liquid, gel or a foam. They are used to kill the vast majority of viruses and bacterias that can lead to infectious diseases.

In the workplace often a more productive solution for dispensing solutions is required. Therefore, this is where IWM Hand sanitising Units come in: Hand Sanitising Equipment / Disinfection | Ind Wash | Hygiene Solutions.

Hand cleaning equipment can be a simple sanitiser unit. However, it can also have towel collection baskets, variable stands and unit set ups dependant on throughput of personnel. They can co-operated in door openers and access points. Furthermore, IWM have different ranges of sanitisers. For instance, a range of low heeled shoe and hand sanitising stations. These are designed to significantly reduce the introduction of contamination into and out of the production area. This is through a semi-automated process of mechanical removal and chemical disinfection of footwear and hands.

National Handshake Day | Hand Cleaning Equipment Lets Us Have It Back

The handshake is one of the oldest greetings done by mankind. Additionally, it’s been done since ancient times to show goodwill to a person. So, this is a holiday that some people might want to consider celebrating. We miss it!!!

IWM are a major supplier of industrial washing machines and hand cleaning equipment in the world. There is a necessity to install washing and sanitising operations in places where production zones and clean zones are in place. Therefore, if you need any guidance to what you might need, please get in touch today. Our team would be happy to help.

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