waste bin washer

IWM’S Waste Bin Washer Handles Three Sizes

Waste Bin Washer

Specifically developed for use in food companies, hospitals, and waste treatment plants where HDPE waste bins (wheelie bins) must be washed and where the highest standards of cleanliness are essential, the new ECW cabinet-type bin washer from Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) accommodates all of the main three sizes of bin (120, 240 and 600 litre) and offers a throughput of up to 40 bins per hour for the smaller sizes and 20 bins per hour for the largest size.

To ensure efficient operation with all sizes of bin, the machine washes two 120 or 240 litre bins per cycle, or one 600 litre bin per cycle. All bins are thoroughly washed on their internal surfaces by a rotary jet nozzle system, and on ALL their external surfaces by sustained jetting with bayonet type jets.


High-efficiency box filter system

Washing is carried out with water and detergent at a user-adjustable temperature that is typically set between 50 ºC and 60 ºC (.120 – 140°F) To minimise the usage of water and the detergent, the wash-water is recirculated through a high-efficiency box filter system that lifts out of the machine for easy cleaning.

A user-selectable option is provided for rinsing the bins after washing either with hot water at 85 ºC (185°F)or with ambient temperature water to which a chemical sanitising agent has been added. When the high-temperature rinse option is used, the bins flash dry and are ready for immediate re-use.


Semi automatic

The machine is semi-automatic in operation. The operator simply wheels one or two bins, depending on the size, into the loading position, closes the safety gate and presses the load button. The washing and rinsing operations are automatic and, when they are complete, the operator presses the unload button to discharge the bins from the machine.


Long reliable working life

To ensure that the machine has a long reliable working life, all key components are manufactured from high-grade T304 stainless steel. Special care has been taken in designing the machine to eliminate dirt traps and to make provision for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Minimising risk of contamination

The control of waste and the risk of contamination from waste containers is an increasing area of focus for all areas of industry. The equipment has proven successful in operation by minimising risk of contamination from dirty bins into clean areas and has become a well respected addition to IWM’s range of industrial washing equipment.

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