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Industrial Washing Machines Ltd and the Importance of Testing for Global Markets

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) emphasises the significance of rigorous industrial cleaning equipment testing, especially for custom industrial washing machines exported globally. They ensure voltage compatibility, accurate electrical generation, and thorough testing using customer samples for optimal performance.


Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) custom designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of washing, sanitising, and hygiene equipment throughout the world. With a strong home market in the UK, it is relatively easy to access machines for servicing and maintenance etc. However, it is also extremely important to ensure that our exported equipment arrives at any destination around the globe ready to function at full efficiency. It is also vital that our exported equipment shares the same benefits of reliability and ease of maintenance via our network of distributors and customers alike.

Testing, Testing……. IWM!

A major and crucial component to ensure our industrial cleaning equipment is delivered “fit for purpose” is testing before despatch! The UK, as previously mentioned, is straight-forward; albeit pre-delivery testing and inspection by the end-user is paramount. For equipment travelling overseas, testing necessitates a slightly different approach.

Global Components

The first hurdle to overcome is the choice of components. IWM utilise global brands of components that are usually readily available within the country of destination. This follows through to ensure any local or customer specific standards are met within our scope of supply.

Voltage Compatibility

To ensure full and efficient compatibility wherever the machinery is used, we source different voltages for motors and low voltage control circuits.

  • Europe and Australasia (amongst others) are common at 400-415 voltage (for 3 phase supplies).
  • North America commonly uses an industrial voltage supply of 460-480V. However, 208V and 575-600V are exceptions that IWM regularly encounters and addresses.

Frequency of Electrical Supply

The various voltages around the world are not however the only issue when it comes to testing properly. The frequency of the electrical supply that may also change from country to country.

  • Europe and many other countries have their mains supplies at 50Hz frequency as standard.
  • North America and some of the Middle East countries (for example) operate at 60Hz.

While testing a machine for a 60Hz supply within the UK (using a 50Hz mains supply), the machine will operate the motors at a slower speed in the UK than at their final location.

This means that even with a full operational test in the UK (at 50Hz), motors will rotate at a speed 20% faster when eventually connected to a 60Hz supply. This 20% increase means that:

  • water pumps may recirculate more water,
  • conveyors will move faster
  • fans will operate at higher volume etc.

This can have quite dramatic effect during on-site performance trials.

Custom Electrical Generation System

To ensure IWM testing matches as close as practically possible to the operational conditions at the final site location; IWM have invested in a bespoke electrical generation system. Therefore, it will enable us to run the designated machinery exactly as it will function at our clients facility.

We can effectively and accurately:

  • monitor water usage and flow rates,
  • set up conveyor speeds and safety functions
  • evaluate fan velocities and performance confidently

This all ensures that there will be no hidden surprises when connected and operating at our customers facility – from Mexico, across the rest of North America to Dubai and beyond. IWM machines are tested and documented within the UK at designated local electrical supply.

Customer Samples and Quality Control

As well as the important electrical functionality, IWM always requests actual customer samples of the item(s) that we are contracted to clean, sterilise and/or dry! Whether it be a simple plastic crate, a stainless steel vat, pallet or smoking rack. If we do not have an exact sample from our extensive collection; we will always endeavour to test our equipment using customers own items. Furthermore, 3D modelling within our design team is undertaken during sales and project stage. But full real-life testing cannot be replaced.

All of the above forms only a part of IWM’s standard safety, quality and documentation procedures; and we are pleased to welcome any customers to our facility to inspect personally or via video link at the end or during any given project build period.

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