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Industrial Washing Machines – Then vs Now

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd innovatively utilises advanced technology to design industrial washing systems, ensuring optimal functionality and customer experience. For over four decades, we’ve committed to evolving with technological advancements, from employing 3D printers in our design process to developing an online customer portal, enhancing efficiency in both our manufacturing and customer service in […]


As Good As The Day It Was Delivered – Machines That Will Last Decades

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a distinguished UK supplier, ensures optimal longevity and efficiency in stainless steel industrial washers by emphasising general maintenance. We offer robust refurbishment services and facilitate streamlined servicing via an innovative online customer portal.   Industrial Washing Machines Ltd have been one of the leading UK suppliers of industrial washing machines […]


From Small Bakeries To Distribution Centres | The Importance Of Sterilisation & Sanitisation

Summary. We are an experienced manufacturer of industrial washing systems, expertly crafts bespoke cleaning machine industrial solutions, ensuring robust sterilisation and sanitisation in food processing, from small bakeries to large distribution centres, safeguarding against food-borne illnesses and ensuring regulatory compliance.   As a leading manufacturer of industrial washing systems, here at IWM we understand the […]


New Range Of Machines At IWM Reducing Contamination Across Industries

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines in Birmingham specialises in industrial parts washers and bespoke hygiene solutions. Their expertise in customising machinery ensures client-specific requirements are met, enhancing hygiene and sanitation in various industries. Emphasising customer feedback and continuous improvement, they provide tailored, high-quality industrial washing solutions globally.   Based in Birmingham, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is […]


“The Customer Is King” – Tameson Parts Compliment Our Equipment

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd is a top manufacturer of commercial washing equipment, including component washing machines. Their products meet diverse industry needs, ensuring high hygiene and efficiency standards. By collaborating with suppliers like Tameson Parts, they ensure their machines are equipped with quality components, tailored for long-lasting and effective cleaning solutions.   Industrial Washing […]


IWM Shortlisted As A Finalist For The Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Summary. Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, a leading UK industrial washing machine manufacturer, has been shortlisted for the Excellence in Manufacturing Award at the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Annual Awards 2022. Their vision focuses on maintaining high standards in manufacturing, ethical practices, and global service provision. Over the years, IWM has adapted to market challenges, […]


Keeping Beer Clean & Wastage Low

Summary. UK pubs waste millions of pints annually due to poor keg sterilisation. Industrial Washing Machines emphasises the importance of clean kegs to ensure beer quality and minimise waste. They offer efficient commercial keg cleaning equipment, including automatic keg washers, tailored to business needs.   Research suggests that UK pubs can throw up to 40 […]


Achieving Hand Washing Efficiency In The Workplace

Summary. We highlight the importance of workplace hand hygiene to prevent COVID-19 spread. We offer various solutions like industrial hand sanitiser stations and knee operated hand basins, enhancing hygiene compliance in various sectors.   The past two years have been turbulent ones to say the least. Almost all COVID restrictions in the UK have been […]


Purchasing An Industrial Washing Machine | A Streamlined Process At IWM

Summary. Purchase Industrial Washing Machine from top manufacturers of industrial cleaning machinery, Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. They offer bespoke solutions, rigorous testing, and efficient delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and advanced hygiene solutions in various sectors. Contact for tailored recommendations and support.   Here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, we are one of the country‚Äôs leading […]


Quality Or Cost | Advantages Of Buying from Industrial Washing Machines Ltd.

Summary. IWM Ltd, a renowned washing machines supplier, highlights the value-for-money aspect of industrial washing machine prices. Their bespoke designs integrate seamlessly into businesses, reduce labour costs, ensure hygiene standards, and offer long-lasting performance across various industries. Explore their offerings for efficient business solutions.   IWM Ltd has been a leading industrial washing machine supplier […]

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