Birmingham: Home of manufacturing Industrial Washers & Commonwealth Games

Home of the Commonwealth Games 2022 & Showcasing The City of a Thousand Trades

Summary. IWM Ltd proudly provides robust industrial washers in Birmingham, a city distinguished for its significant manufacturing and diverse industrial sectors. With a rich history in Birmingham manufacturing, we deliver high-quality, hand-built industrial washing equipment globally, championing the city’s enduring spirit of industry and innovation for over 40 years. Connect with us for enduring, reliable washing solutions!

For decades, Birmingham has been a hotbed for culture and of course has a longstanding reputation for being the city of a thousand trades. In fact it’s fair to say that the city’s economic success mainly derives from the diversity of its industrial hub – in particular the metal and engineering trades. Birmingham is well known for being the beating heart of the UK’s manufacturing sector and here at IWM Ltd, we too are delighted to be based in this thriving city supplying industrial washers to a range of industries.

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Where did it all start?

Birmingham started as a small village nestled on the banks of the River Rea. The village was built by the Beorma tribe, back in the 7th century. The term “Brummie” was often used to describe someone from Birmingham derives from the name of this tribe. Since then, the area has continued to grow into what is now the second largest city in the UK with a population of around 1.1 million people.

The Industrial Revolution

The city played a huge role in the industrial revolution. It was during this time that Birmingham became known as the ‘city of 1000 trades’. Birmingham manufactured almost everything at the time, from heavy steel construction components through to jewellery for the Royal Family. With more canals than Venice, its trading network underwent exponential growth.

Here and Now

Decades on, Birmingham is still a city that houses a great deal of the country’s (and the world’s) manufacturing hubs. At IWM Ltd, our Birmingham-based company supplies high quality hand built industrial washing equipment to over 60 countries and we’ve been doing so for over 40 years. Birmingham has fast become a diverse economic centre diverse in culture, businesses, and places to visit. Like Birmingham itself, we at IWM delight in having a diverse workforce that continues to support businesses worldwide.

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Commonwealth Games

Most recently, Birmingham hosted the spectacular 2022 Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games is a world-famous sporting event which brings many nations together to celebrate sport and human performance. The Games are held every four years (aside from a hiatus in World War II). They have gone from featuring just 11 countries and 400 athletes to now including 4600 athletes from 72 nations and territories.

At the core of the Commonwealth Games is humanity, equality and destiny. Moreover, the purpose of the event is to unite the Commonwealth family through the power of sport. Despite being one of the youngest cities in Europe, it seemed very fitting for the vibrant and richly diverse Birmingham to host the Games and showcase the diversity of the Commonwealth. The event was certainly a success. It had 11 days of swimming and diving, 8 days of cricket and gymnastics, and 7 days of athletics (including the marathon). For details of the medal standings, click here.

Since receiving the award for the games in 2017, Birmingham has hosted a wealth of sporting events. Now, after staging the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Birmingham has hosted more European and World Championships than any other city in the UK.

It’s safe to say that Birmingham has never been more on the map as it has been over the past few weeks. We as a company have never been more proud of our home city. So, we want to give a big thank you to our city, Birmingham, for a wonderful, diverse and spectacular Commonwealth Games from all of us at IWM. Next stop – the Olympics!

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