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Food Industry Washing Equipment


The all encompassing food sector has many varied and unique processes around the world.

Virtually all of these processes will require the use of a container, bin, pallet, rack or various utensils in the production, preparation and distribution of the food we eat every single day.


An Extensive Range That Satisfies Requirements

From cornflake manufacturing in the USA to delivering rump steak to a supermarket in Scotland, IWM have an extensive range of solutions to satisfy the most stringent of hygiene requirements and allergen controls.



  • Distribution crate washer and drying systems
  • Box and tote washers
  • Bin Washers
  • Eurobin Washing machines. Cabinet and continuous
  • Pallet Washers
  • Weigh Pan washing machines
  • Rack Washers
  • Dolav and bulk container washing machines
  • Wheelie Bin washers
  • Sanitiser tunnels

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