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Food Industry Washing Equipment

The all encompassing food sector has many varied and unique processes around the world. Virtually all of these processes will require the use of a container, bin, pallet, rack or various utensils in the production, preparation and distribution of the food we eat every single day. From cornflake manufacturing in the USA to delivering rump steak to a supermarket in Scotland, IWM have an extensive range of solutions to satisfy the most stringent of hygiene requirements and allergen controls.



  • Distribution crate washer and drying systems
  • Box and tote washers
  • Bin Washers
  • Eurobin Washing machines. Cabinet and continuous
  • Pallet Washers
  • Weigh Pan washing machines
  • Rack Washers
  • Dolav and bulk container washing machines
  • Wheelie Bin washers
  • Sanitiser tunnels

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