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The specific poultry sector has another level of washing requirement all on its own. Not only is poultry and meat distributed in the same manner as the meat sector; but starting with the egg trays, setter trays and then onto hatching racks and trays – poultry production at the “hatcheries” is where IWM started all those years ago.

Hatcher Tray, Egg Tray & Rack Washing Machines

Fresh or frozen, whole birds or portions, cut pieces or many variants of product type are processed in the poultry industry and go through various processes e.g., packaging, cutting and dicing, refrigeration & freezing, offal equipment, weighing and grading are all part of the cycle and all have equipment that needs cleaning from containers to trays. IWM Machines include or have as optional extras :- Pre-Wash – Mains Wash – Electric/Steam/Gas Water heating – Hi Tech control panels – Detergent Dispensers – Adjustable Nozzles, guides and other components – Sanitising options – extraction fans – conveyor belts. All machines are made with High grade food standard stainless steel and full support is offered and design offerings for bespoke needs.

With the steady increase in automation, IWM developed our first in – line hatcher tray washer and high pressure cleaning system over 40 years ago. Our equipment, then and now, is specifically designed to ensure any contamination is kept in check.

Machines manage water consumption by reusing fresh rinse where appropriate. The machine collects the rinse water in order to utilise in other stages of the cleaning such as pre-washing. This reduces consumption quite significantly. Low water level protection stops the machine in case of insufficient water level in the system, preventing damage to the pump and heating elements that could appear in case of dry operation.

Washing Solutions:

Other Services:

  • Bespoke design to suit your building, process, materials
  • Suitable for use with your current cleaning chemicals but advice will be provided
  • Best value for money offering
  • On line and on site after sales support plus full support from our service team
  • Spare parts department
  • Install, commissioning and maintenance to ensure your machine

IWM also supply a full range of ancillary hygiene equipment, such as boot and sole washers, hand sanitising and access control systems, sinks and change room equipment.

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