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New IWM website offers more for less!

Industrial Washing Machines Limited (IWM), one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-performance industrial washing and sanitising equipment, has launched a new and greatly enhanced website – – that provides users with rapid access to a far wider range of information than the previous site with much less effort.

The website will be regularly updated with news stories, equipment photographs, videos and technical detail to ensure that visitors are kept completely up to date with IWM’s latest developments.

Specifically designed for fast, easy navigation, the home page of IWM’s new website provides links that make it simple to explore the company’s extensive product range and to access detailed machine information including sales brochures and operating manuals. The home page also includes options for booking service visits and for viewing news of the company’s latest developments. Additional features include automatic translation and a sign-up facility for regular newsletters.

“We know that our website is the first port of call for existing and potential customers who want to know more about our products, the benefits they offer and how to get the best from them,” said Carl Hollier, Managing Director of IWM, “so we’ve worked hard to turn it into a comprehensive resource that provides clear and concise information without the need for endless link clicking. We want to be sure that our customers can easily find what they want, when they want it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

Information in the product section of the new website is categorised by machine types, which include tray, pallet, bin, keg, rack, cabinet and layer pad washers, as well as sanitisers. For each category of machine, the site provides an overview of IWM’s product range, with links to more detailed information and brochures.

For existing users of the company’s products, the new website allows downloading of essential documentation, including operating manuals, guidance on detergent dosing and a spares catalogue. Access to the current and past issues of the IWM newsletter is also provided, along with contact information and brochures that deal with specific industry sectors, such as food preparation, pharmaceutical manufacturing and logistics.

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