Bin Washer, IWM’s Innovative Productivity Booster

Featuring automatic bin size selection and ultra efficient travelling wash jets, the innovative new ET75 bin washer from Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) delivers significantly enhanced productivity and cleaning performance compared with conventional bin washers.

The new machine is designed for use with 200 kg and 400 kg Eurobins or, in the export version, 400lb and 600lb dump buggies. It can handle up to 75 bins per hour, and is ideally suited for use in large meat and food processing plants.

Automatic bin size selection means that bins of mixed sizes can be loaded into the machine in any order, which eliminates the need for tedious and time wasting bin sorting. It also means that the loading cradle requires no manual adjustment to cater for the different bin sizes, which once again provides valuable time savings for users of the machine.

The travelling wash jets employed in the main wash section of the machine continuously traverse back and forth while the bin is held stationary, which means that each bin is subjected to multiple jetting cycles. This provides far superior cleaning compared with the conventional arrangement where the bin moves continuously past fixed wash jets and, therefore, receives only a single a single jetting cycle.

As a result, the ET75 cleans bins reliably and dependably, eliminating the need for them to be washed for a second time because the first wash has not completely removed the soiling.

IWM’s new ET75 bin washer uses a four-stage washing process. The first stage is a pre-wash at ambient temperature, which removes major soiling. To ensure economical water usage, the pre-wash water is re-circulated via an easy-to-clean stainless-steel filter. The second stage is a re-circulating detergent wash at 60 ºC, with the wash water applied to the bin via the travelling jet system.

This is followed by a final rinse at 85 ºC, with the rinse water once again re-circulated via a filter. Because the bins receive a final rinse at high temperature, they flash dry almost instantly and are ready for immediate re-use or transfer to storage. Alternatively, an optional fourth stage can be provided. This is a freshwater rinse at mains water temperature, with provision for the rinse water to be dosed with sanitising chemicals.

The ET75 bin washer has been built to be efficient in operation, easy to maintain and durable. All major components are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure hygiene and long life, and all user serviceable items readily accessible. The machine has been carefully designed to eliminate sharp corners and cavities that could act as dirt traps and is, therefore, exceptionally easy to clean.

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