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Industrial Washing Machine | How Much Are They?

Summary. Discussing industrial washing machine price in the UK, IWM explains that the price of industrial washing machines varies based on custom specifications. Just like buying a car, factors such as size, function, and added features influence the overall cost.


“What is the price of an industrial washing machine?” is the first (or perhaps second) question customers have asked when they enquire about IWM’s range of industrial washing machines. A tiny cabinet utensil washer (from around £4,000) is an example of an off-the-shelf product for which we can sometimes provide a pricing. The majority of the time, however, the solution isn’t so simple.

Purchasing an industrial washing machine is comparable to purchasing a new car. “How much is a car, please?” is hardly a question you’d ask at a car dealership. If you’re looking for a sports car to cruise along the Devonshire coast, you’d tell the salesperson. Similarly, if you were looking for a people carrier for the school run, you would tell the salesperson.

You would most likely specify whether you want: an automatic or manual transmission, a gasoline, diesel, or hybrid engine. In addition, whether or not you needed a built-in navigation system, and so on.

So, What Is The Price Of An Industrial Washing Machine In The UK?

The cost of an industrial washing machine is determined by your individual specifications and requirements. You can be looking for a tray washer to sanitise receptacles used for transporting fish, for example. However, you only have a small amount of room.

In this situation, you may need to custom design the equipment to fit your plant’s footprint (perhaps a twin lane conveyor, for example). At the same time, you need to clean well to remove debris and microorganisms from the trays. If you’re reusing the fish boxes in a moist area after washing, you might not need to dry them.

If you are an engineering contractor who manufactures car components, however, you may be seeking for a quite different type of bespoke cleaning solution. It’s possible that you’ll require an industrial washer machine to clean oil and machining debris from containers. This could involve special detergent and dosing equipment, as well as oil skimming and filtration systems to keep the water clean. Where containers are being utilised to carry metal automotive parts in an engineering factory, drying may be critical to the overall project needs.

Considerations When Buying An Industrial Washing Machine

Importantly, the machine’s purchase price is not the only cost you’ll have to consider. For instance, water, detergent, and energy consumption over the equipment’s lifetime are other relevant considerations. Some models may have a greater initial cost. But, thanks to water recirculating technology or a superior energy-efficient design, they will save you money in the long run.

The equipment’s output speed is also a significant consideration. This will keep labour costs at a bare minimum while operating the machine.

When determining the cost of an industrial washing machine, all of the above factors should be considered. Don’t worry if you need a complete solution but aren’t sure what it should look like. Engineers at IWM are professionals in designing and manufacturing custom solutions that can benefit your company!

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