The new range of hygiene products compliments IWM’s already extensive range of washing and sanitising solutions, including tray washers, utensil cabinet washers, buggy and bin washers, sanitisers, weigh pan washers and pallet washers.

Industrial Washing Machines now supply a full range of specialist chemical detergent for all applications.

Hygiene Products - Hygiene Equipment Supplier
Boot Washing Equipment

One of our many hygiene products includes IWM’s new boot and shoe washer/disinfection stations. They range from simple manual versions to sophisticated walk-through models. The latter with multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options. Shoe and apron disinfecting racks are available in a multitude of dimensions to make best use of available floor space.

Single and two-sided driers for working footwear are also included in the new range. Equipped with 2 kW heaters, these machines use hot ozoned air-drying temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius and offer drying times between two to six hours. The temperature control and time delay functions available on selected models give users the flexibility to pre-program and schedule operation for maximum convenience.

Hygiene Stations

IWM’s new range of hand sanitising stations are designed to significantly reduce the introduction of contamination in to the production area, from simple single user wash basins, to special purpose sinks with Knee or sensor operation.

Sensor operated hand wash and disinfection stations with access control turnstiles are also available, to ensure high levels of hygiene are maintained. Flexible solutions are available for all types of access in to and out of the production area.


The IWM range of lockers for washrooms and industrial environments are designed for organised and secure storage of various items in areas such as employees’ changing rooms or washrooms.

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