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Have you considered a site assessment on your washing equipment?

We offer a valuable service to carry out site assessments on tray, euro bin, utensils and other washing equipment. This not only highlights issues that require immediate attention, but it can also have a positive impact on the overall washing performance.

We have extensive knowledge built up over 40 years of design and manufacturing washing equipment in the UK. We also take great pride in working alongside our customers. Our goal is to ensure that their washing equipment is running to its optimum performance.


  1. Particularly useful prior to a site audit.
  2. Site engineers will have a detailed list of issues that require attention.
  3. A proactive approach can often save unnecessary costly repairs.
  4. Can save valuable resources such as energy and water loss.
  5. Can prevent costly downtime on the machine.
  6. Helps operators use the equipment more effectively.
  7. Detailed confidential report issued to Engineers and Hygiene personnel.
  8. Can improve washing performance.
  9. Professional Assessments can highlight potential Health and Safety issues.
  10. Encourages a positive working relationship between Suppliers and Customers.

Assessments are cost effective and carried out at your convenience, the detailed site report along with any required recommendations are sent to you within a few days.

Please email Stephen Hollier or call +44 (0) 7712 829402 for more details.

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