T600 – Suitable for high care and low care operations

The T600 is a machine that has been designed to serve medium volume washing requirements and offers a flexible solution to suit various applications.

The T600 is popular Industrial washing machine that has been well received through all industries for many years. It has the capability to wash up to 600 items per hour and serves industries including food, meat processing, bakeries and farming field crate washing to name but a few.

As standard it is 4.3 metres long and is one of our most diverse machines that utilises a stainless single chain or versatile mesh belt depending on what is being washed. It offers a recirculating hot detergent wash which can be heated via electric, steam or Gas as choice and a fresh rinse from mains that can also be supplied heated.

Additional items that can also be included.

  • A high-pressure water removal / drying module.
  • An additional tank can be added and become a prewash ideal for heavier soiled items (T600TT)

Standard Features

Variable speed single strand stainless steel chain conveyor or mesh belt Full stainless steel T304/316 construction to all wetted partsPull-out stainless-steel filters for ease of cleaningRobust hygienic design with excellent access to all areas for cleaning
Side door panel allows access to jet system.Bayonet type jets can be removed and cleaned without the use of tools.High-powered stainless-steel wash pump Control panel and electric's to IP66
Stainless steel RJT, jet pipes and filters.Fully CE assessed and certified prior to delivery.Choice of heating electric, steam or gas can be used. Programable detergent Dosing unit (Optional)


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