Manufactured in stainless steel.

Specially designed for narrow areas where a mounted double-acting sluice is ideal. This compact washer includes sole washing, sole and leg disinfection to the height of 3cm. Washing and disinfection part length can be 600 or 900 mm depending on quantity of passing workers. Additional equipment can be mounted on the washer:

  • Access stand for hand disinfection (cat. no 551403)
  • Access stand for hand washing and disinfection (cat. no 551404)
  • Hand dryer (cat. no 552701)
  • Sensor cell handbasin (cat. no 531000B)

The photocell control system enable operation in both directions.

Sluice width: 950 mm

Series Pass Sluice

ModelTotal Length (mm)Sole Washing Length (mm)Footbath Washing Length (mm)Additional EquipmentWeight (kg)
5522011900600600With Hand Disinfection 225
5522022200900600With Hand Disinfection 223
5522032500900900With Hand Disinfection 223
5522041900600600With Hand Disinfection 227
5522052200600600With Hand Washing And Disinfection 231
5522062500900900With Hand Washing And Disinfection 245

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