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At Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, as a cabinet washer supplier we dedicate ourselves to creating equipment that is efficient, productive, and dependable.

The HC Cab 1000 is a heavy-duty cabinet washer new to our range of cabinet washing systems. This “high care” cabinet utensil washer machine has been designed with a series of innovative features. Therefore, making it ideal for food production applications.

Energy Efficient Utensil Washer Machine

The HC Cab 1000 Cabinet Utensil Washer Machine recirculates the hot water and detergent for an entire wash process. Consequently, it is a process that is thorough yet economical. Once finished, it then offers a second sanitising stage providing a hot rinse. Users will also be given the option of a final sanitising cycle. Furthermore, the cabinet washer is very energy efficient. In addition, it is perfect for cleaning food manufacturing components. For instance, weigh pans, mixing bowls, and cutting boards.


Thanks to its pre-set programs, using a “high care” cabinet washer has never been easier. The HC Cab 1000 offers users exceptional flexibility with a wide range of washing, rinsing, and sanitising processes to choose from. With this in mind, you can pick and choose the perfect combination to suit your application. Users of the HC Cab 1000 Cabinet Machine can choose from a single or two-door configuration. There are also options for low through to high-care environments too.

Safe and User Friendly

We have equipped the HC Cab 1000 with time-delayed magnetic door locks. This is a unique feature and maximises user safety. Here at IMW, a cabinet washer supplier, we have designed this new utensil washer machine with safety, energy efficiency, and maintenance in mind. Therefore, this new addition to the range is solid, user friendly, and reliable; optimising and simplifying work for operators within the food production industry.

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