The Cabinet Washer (CW) range consists of 5 models of utensil washers capable of satisfying all washing requirements for the bakery, butchery, ice cream, catering and food industry sectors.

Solid, user-friendly, reliable machines that, thanks to a new electronic system, can optimise and simplify work for operators in the sector.

Perfect Hygiene


  • The interior of the machine is completely rounded without right angles
  • Ample filtering surfaces in steel are easy to remove
  • Suction pump filter to protect the wash pump and prevent leftovers from depositing in the wash circuit
  • Membrane switch keyboard and display with completely flat surface, guaranteeing maximum hygiene.


User Friendly
  • plit door perfectly counterbalanced, easy to open
  • Height of rack loading with door open 900 mm
  • Structure with double panelling in 3-mm thick satin finished stainless steel AISI 304
  • Revolving wash and rinse arms in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Easy-extraction wash racks
  • Excellent accessibility to the machine interior to remove wash/rinse arms, tank and suction pump filters
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation on request
  • Digital display advises of correct functioning of cycle, temperatures and tank filling
  • Low-voltage electronic control (12 V) to minimise danger during maintenance and repair work
  • Keyboard and display panel splash-proof with IP67 protection
  • Cycle-stoppage microswitch in case of accidental door opening
Cutting Edge Electronics


  • Electronic control to program wash-cycle phases, temperatures and times
  • Digital display shows wash phases and temperatures
  • Self-diagnosis system for machine functioning
  • Machine operation can be selected via the start button or by closing the door in cases of intensive usage
  • Internal self-cleaning function
  • Compliance with HACCP regulations assured by means of the IWM Dishwash Monitoring System (HDMS), which can be installed in the following three versions:
    • HDMS 1
      direct data transmission from machine to PC
    • HDMS 2 
      LogBox data recording and direct data transmission from machine to PC
    • HDMS 3 
      LogBox data recording and data transmission from machine through GSM-SMS to cellphone or PC-Modem for TELEDIAGNOSE; the HDMS is an optional


  • Break Tank System standard on all machines
  • “Break Tank” system assures steady temperature and pressure during the rinse phase, preventing any contamination of the water in the mains due to backflows from the machine
  • Rinse-aid dispenser standard on all models
  • Set of racks included with every machine
  • Accessories on request: external shower, detergent pump, wheels, drain pump


Machine Height (with door open) mm1500x915x2040H/2305H
Cycle Length 2-4-6 max 10min
Wash Space mm1320x700x820H
Construction Double panel
Machine Interior Self-cleaning
Rinse-aid dispenser Standard
Wash pump 2 x 2350W
Rinse pump 550W
Detergent dispenser On request
Break tank system Standard
Electrical connection 400V 3N ~ 50Hz
Total power 16700W
Boiler heating element 2 x 6000W
Tank heating element 6000W
Tank capacity 132 l.
Boiler capacity 26 l.
Water supply 2 ÷ 4 bar Ø 3/4 "G
Water consumption per cycle 8 l.
Drain hose connection Ø 1 1/2 "G
Acoustic pressure level < 70 db (A)


The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the technical details without warning
We recommend mains water supply at 55°C
The hardness of the water supplied must be between 4 ° and 10 ° F (French hardness degrees) In case of greater levels of hardness, a water softener must be used

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