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Poultry Industry Hatcher Tray, Egg Tray and Rack Washing Machines

The specific poultry sector has another level of washing requirement all on its own. Not only is poultry and meat distributed in the same manner as the meat sector; but starting with the egg trays, setter trays and then onto hatching racks and trays – poultry production at the “hatcheries” is where IWM started all those years ago.

With the steady increase in automation, IWM developed our first in – line hatcher tray washer and high pressure cleaning system over 30 years ago. Our equipment, then and now, is specifically designed to ensure any contamination is kept in check.



  • Hatcher Tray, Setter tray and Crate washers
  • Rack and trolley washers
  • Distribution crate washing
  • Pallet washing systems
  • Bin washers

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