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Logistics Industry Distribution Tray Washers (RTP)


The logistics industry transports goods using a wide range of re-useable crates, pallets, bins and bulk containers to many of IWMs end users such as food companies or car producers.

These goods are either further processed or sorted, packed and further distributed to their final destination.



At any stage in the logistics industry, the re-usable items used to contain the goods can become contaminated.

This could be anything from spilt food debris, general transport grime in the food industry or even oil and swarf deposits in the industrial sector.

Large supermarkets or equipment pooling providers (that rent out and manage these containers) often have the added service to wash these items at large distribution centres.


Reliable Machinery

IWM have a full range of machinery specifically designed for this industry sector. Robust, high throughput and reliable.



  • High Throughput crate Washing and drying systems
  • Pallet washers
  • Heavy duty bin washers, Bulk Container washing machines
  • Wheelie Bin Washers

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