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Industrial Washing Machines

Industrial Washing Machines

If you are an establishment, business or company that is looking for industrial washing machines, you can trust that here at Industrial Washing Machines Ltd. we’ll be able to provide you with the perfect solution. We’ve got an extensive range of industrial washing machines for sale that are purpose-built to meet an all-manner of commercial applications. Our extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed us to establish ourselves as a trusted supplier of cleaning equipment, and we are extremely proud to have provided solutions to companies all over the world.

Plenty of Industrial Washing Machines to Choose From

Three decades of experience has enabled us to develop a deep understanding of industrial washing machines equipment and the types of industries that would benefit from the washing equipment. We are a company that strive to offer services to as many different clients as we can, which is why we stock an extensive variation of washing machines available such as: 

Tray Washers

Industrial Washing MachinesOur tray washers are built for an all manner of applications and we are pleased to offer clients a wide selection to choose from. All the variations on offer differ in their power and jet properties so you’ll be able to find a tray washer that fits your needs perfectly.
Pallet Washers – We can design bespoke pallet washing equipment tailored to the customer’s exact application requirements. We can also offer combination tray and pallet washing systems too which offer additional convenience and ease of application. These are ideal for the food, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

Bin Washers

We are proud to sell a selection of different bin washers that come with a series of different practical features for added convenience. Features include lifting cradles, jet arrays with bayonet nozzles and 316 pumps – these advanced features allow for high quality and flawless cleaning.

Keg Washers

Supplied globally, our keg washers can be designed and manufactured to suit specific applications. We can offer full package services to include a range of premier industrial cleaning features such as filtration systems and label removal systems.

Rack Washers

If you are looking for rack washers that can offer sustained mass cleaning with a fast-turnaround, Industrial Washing Machines can be sure to help. We’ve got a range of rack washers to choose from, all boasting fast and efficient cleaning services that offer flawless results every time.

Cabinet Washers

Industrial Washing MachinesSuited to bakeries, butcheries and other forms of catering and food industry sectors, our cabinet washers are user-friendly and reliable machines that offer simplified cleaning strategies through an easy-to-use electronic system.

Layerpad Washers

This type of industrial washer offers a sustained jetting treatment, two-stage brushing, high pressure water removal and other various high quality washing strategies.

Additional Industrial Cleaning Services

Alongside commercial washing machines we can also offer a range of other helpful services to ensure your company receives the best cleaning solution for its requirements. From servicing and site assessments through to bespoke system designing and supplying spares, our team of experts will go the extra mile to make sure we provide you with everything you need to fulfil your cleaning requirements.

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