It’s important to keep your washing and cleaning machinery in good condition. As a result of doing so, they can maintain the highest operating efficiency.



We offer comprehensive washing machine service, maintenance and spares packages. All of which cover all of your machines, including non-IWM equipment.



Modern industrial washing equipment and cleaning machinery can be installed with a variety of improved features over their predecessors. Including self-cleaning filtration, added hygienic construction methods, sophisticated electronic warnings and monitoring systems.



All of these functions are designed to help the user. However, the features do not eliminate the need for essential cleaning and maintenance routines.

Well serviced and regularly maintained equipment…

  • will be more hygienic
  • has improved washing performance
  • saves detergent and/or sanitiser fluid use
  • uses less energy
  • minimises the risk of breakdown
  • provides a safer operation for your workforce
  • provides customer confidence in your operation
  • can save you money


Order spares online

Our online spares shop allows you to identify and order spare parts for your washing equipment in minutes. It is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The extensive spares range includes a number of consumable items. However, it also features replacement parts. These of course might be needed for machines that have been in service for long periods.


Book a service

If you are interested in a washing machine service, then you can use our online booking system. Alternatively, you can email [] with your requirements. Service options available include:

  • Full machine one off service & regular service contracts
  • Temperature validation and calibration
  • Pre-audit assessment and reporting
  • Machine move and relocation
  • Full refurbishment
  • Spare parts packages to suit individual machines
  • Compliance checks to satisfy customer audits
  • Operator training and instruction
  • Installation services


Service Manuals

As well as servicing, we offer instant access to manuals that provide a full operational and maintenance overviews. In fact, they are available for many machines and ancillary equipment. Including sanitisers, bin washers, tray washers, and cabinet washers. Additionally, dosing units and heating controls.


Chemicals and Detergents

To complement our washing and sanitising equipment, we also offer a range of specially formulated chemicals. These were in fact developed in partnership with industry specialists. They include detergents, descalants and disinfectants.


Additional Industrial Washing Services

We design and manufacture industrial washing machines and equipment to the food, beverage, bakery, meat, pharmaceutical, healthcare and logistics sectors. As well as this, we provide machines to waste handling, industrial and automotive sectors too.



We offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke washing equipment and solutions. Including tray washers, rack washers, pallet washers, bin washers, weigh pan washers and sanitisers.

Alongside our industrial washing machines and sanitising solutions, we also offer a range of hygiene solutions. These include boot washers, hand washers, hygiene stations and locker room equipment.

We offer a range of specially formulated chemicals that were developed in partnership with industry specialists to complement our washing and sanitising equipment. They include detergents, descalants and disinfectants.

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