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IWM washes boots comprehensively

Industrial Washing Machines has launched a new range of boot and shoe washers that are ideal for food manufacturing plants and designed specifically for areas where the production and clean zones of a food manufacturing facility meet. IWM’s new boot and shoe washing stations range from simple manual versions to sophisticated walk-through models with multiple brushes, automatic chemical dispensing and access control options.

The boot sole washers in the range come in three sizes and have been designed to significantly reduce the transfer of contamination into and out of production areas, through a semi-automated process of mechanical removal and chemical disinfection of the footwear. Users simply place the boot onto the washer and press the start button, which is conveniently positioned on the handle. This activates the rotation of the horizontal brush and spray jets. Gross debris is removed from the soles of the boot/shoe whilst simultaneously applying chemical treatment. Water used in this process is then channelled to drain.


Passage-style washers are also available in simple and double versions. They can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit the space available on the factory floor. When users enter the passage-style washers, a photocell activates the rotation of two horizontal brushes and turns on the spray jets. Debris is removed from the soles of the footwear, while three separate brushes mechanically clean and wash the heels and upper sides. Chemical treatment is also applied.


Boot sole top washers are ideal for environments where high boots are worn. Users place their boots into the washer from the front and press the start button on the handle. This activates the rotation of one horizontal and two vertical brushes for the mechanical removal of gross debris from the boot sole and its upper surfaces. Chemically treated water is sprayed onto the brushes during rotation to complete the sanitising process.


The wide range of boot and shoe washing products available from IWM can be customised and tailored to suit the needs of individual users so, if you have particular requirements in mind, contact us and we will be happy to advise and answer any questions you may have.